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Alignment“A shift in energy is always followed by a change in realty.”

~Panache Desai

If your back is out of alignment, how do you feel? I can attest to the pain and challenges that it brings as I have had 2 back surgeries in 2012. The same disastrous results can occur when you are out of alignment with your clarity and allowing in manifestation.

As Christy Whitman says “we are striving for having a mental clarity about what we want while at the same time maintaining a feeling state of allowing and non resistance.”

Too much clarity of desire with not enough allowing means you are trying to control the outcome, being impatient and frustrated. This situation comes from lack, rather than abundance, and shows up as pushing too hard, having to do it all yourself and doing all sorts of actions they may not be helpful.

While too much allowing with not enough clarity makes your vibrations confusing or distorted. You may get bored, lazy, lethargic or depressed. This is demonstrated by basically being lazy and doing nothing to assist the Universe. Thinking…O.K.. I want (describe your desire…essence and all)…now I’m going to “Chill Out” and watch TV all day. Your results, with too much allowing, will most likely come very slowly if at all.

Manifestation is equal parts of clarity ad allowing. Both need to be in alignment. Each situation is different – so the balance is ever changing. By keeping alignment (balance) you will feel happily engaged and know when and what kind of action to take. Pretty much all manifestation will need you to take some action…but alignment determines if it be inner or outer action, how much and leads you to take “inspired action”. That’s our topic next week…”ACTION”.

“You are only 1 decision away from a totally different life.”

~Zig Ziglar


I am balancing my clarity and allowing in my desired manifestations

I consistently check my emotional state to stay in balance

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