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Alignment-–-MomentumTo move forward you need 2 things: Alignment and Momentum”  ~Christy Whitman

Do you want to make changes in your life but are kind of “stuck”? How to start?   So many obstacles and blocks stopping you?   Do you feel like the left side of the above picture (tangled and a mess)?  Step 1 is to align with your higher self, sending your intention (what you want) out to the Universe.

Your Higher Self is the most perfect form of “you” that exists in the universe. It is always gently guiding you on your journey through life. Its guidance manifests itself in your life in many ways: as a still small voice, as vivid images, as flashes of insight, and as intuition and knowingness.

Leslie J Kinsky explains that aligning with your higher self feels different for each individual, but the result is the same. You know you are in alignment when your heart feels open and your body feels good. Sometimes you may not feel your body at all, feeling light as air or like a gently floating balloon. There may be a sense of well-being and connectedness in your body plus a spark of creation. Or you may feel sudden passion or happiness with a gentle tingle up your spine. No feeling is wrong. The bottom line is that you are on top of the world when you are in alignment with your higher Self, and your body mirrors this. Everything feels on course and you feel on purpose.

Try aligning with your higher self. Take a few minutes for yourself and breathe deeply, close your eyes and ask to connect with your higher self. Soon you will feel a sense of relaxation and peace. Then set your intention to the Universe for what you want. This may take a little practice…but stick with it; it is well worth it.

Be open to what may come to you; thoughts, ideas, actions to take, people to assist you. If the insights you receive feel good to you, feel right to you, feel like fun…take action, as step 2 is you have to start and keep the momentum going.

Momentum may start as baby steps…you don’t have to jump off the cliff. But you need to do SOMETHING! Move in the direction of your intention. Once you start, that tells the Universe that you are serious about achieving your intention. Guess what happens then? You got it…the Universe responds with more insights to create your continued momentum. Think of it as a boulder rolling down a mountain…once started if quickly picks up speed. If you want to manifest your intentions, goals, desires and dreams…be that “boulder”, start with alignment and momentum.

My mantra is “Alignment Momentum…Alignment Momentum…Alignment Momentum”.
I set my intention, do the inspired action and manifest my desires.


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