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Action“People often say that momentum does last. Well, neither does bathing bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” ~Zig Ziglar

Superman, in the photo above, is a “Man of Action”. He symbolizes our need for ACTION in the manifestation process. Now that we have aligned or balanced our clarity of desire with our allowing (turning control over to the Universe), what’s next?

Depending on the vastness of our desire, the amount of action needed will vary. It may be internal (focusing on aligning the essence-emotional feeling you want to experience as a result of the creation) or external.

Remember, all manifestation starts internally – so all action also starts internally.   The action which is energetically aligned with how we will feel once our goal is attained is much more powerful. In fact, it is called “inspired” action, by Melody Fletcher, a well known Law of Attraction Coach.

Melody says there is a huge distinction between action taken in order to Make things happen, rather than taking Inspired Action which is moving with the energy in motion.

The key is to recognize when you’re trying to Make things happen instead of Allowing the creation to appear.

When you take inspired action:

  • You get an impulse and idea to do something, which usually comes to you naturally, easily and often at an unexpected moment.ow was your week? Any wins you would like to share? After successes I share one….. HOW
  • The actions just make sense. You don’t have to justify them, they just feel right.
  • You feel energized by the action – it doesn’t seem like “work”. You’re enjoying the process.
  • You make a lot of progress very quickly and with little effort – you get a lot of bang for your buck.
  • As you are allowing things to happen naturally. Your action is just one of the pieces of the puzzle.
  • You are allowing the Universe to orchestrate the events. You don’t have to control everything or anything really.


When you take “uninspired” action – you just try to “muscle” your way through….

  • You spend a lot of time trying to figure out what actions to take.
  • You often feel frustrated and overwhelmed. There’s just so much to do!
  • You feel tired and depleted. It really feels like “work”. You don’t want to do it, but you feel that you have to.
  • You are continuously stopped by roadblocks. Things just don’t seem to be moving ahead. Something is always getting in the way.
  • You feel like you have to do it all. You have to make it happen.

Here’s the bottom line: Inspired action feels good. It feels like playing. You’re enjoying yourself. You’re leveraging Universal energy, so you get a lot more done in less time. Things just lineup for you. It’s easy, almost without effort.

If you’re clear about what you desire and are allowing the Universe to take charge, but are struggling with feelings of frustration, impatience, or any other form of resistant thoughts or feelings, you’re probably not taking inspired action.

Now we are well on our way to creating whatever we want; Clarity of Desire, Alignment and Action, all that’s left is to TRUST the Universe to deliver. TRUST is our topic for next week. Happy Creating!


“Desire without action is merely entertainment.” ~Mary Morrisey


I align internally before I take action

I take action that is aligned, easy, engaging and effective, known as Inspired Action.



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