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Early Bird

“It’s true; the early bird gets the worm. So does the late bird and the bird in between. By design, there are always more than enough worms. In fact, the only bird that doesn’t get a worm is the one that doesn’t go out to get one.”
Mike Dooley, “Notes from the Universe”

Did you get your worm today? Not to worry…there’s still plenty out there. The Universe is a loving and abundant place. There is more than enough to go around; an unlimited supply of everything and every experience. The only thing that prevents us from getting all we want is our belief that there is not enough; the lack mentality. We mistakenly believe there is scarcity and limitation. Most of us have been brought up that way. You have to be first, get that gold medal, to get what you want. Only the strong survive; only a few get the riches right?
The truth is…there is always abundance. It is energy – vibration – like everything else. Just look at nature to really understand abundance. Go to the beach and try to count the grains of sand or the drops of water in the ocean. You can’t…there are just too many. How about the number of leaves on a huge tree in your back yard or the individual blades of grass? Once again you can’t as there are just too many. There’s abundance all around us.
We create our own beliefs. When we truly believe the Universe is abundant, and we can all have what we want without taking away from others – our lives change. We really CAN have it all! Feel gratitude for what you have currently in your life and be open to receive more.
Abundance is not just money or material things. It’s a feeling, a vibration, a freedom; an energy that extends to all parts of our lives. It is open for all to receive…you just have to ask, believe and be open to receive. Go out there and get as many “worms” as you want.

“Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.”

Abraham-Hicks “Money and the Law of Attraction”

I am abundant.
I am open to receive more abundance in my life.

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